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Jinhee Wilde Edu Fund Scholarship

The Jinhee Wilde Edu Fund continues the legacy of renowned immigration attorney Jinhee Wilde by supporting the educational dreams of U.S. legal students. We provide financial aid to graduate and undergraduate students who are passionate about legal studies, with a focus on academic excellence and community service. Join us in shaping a future where legal talent flourishes, guided by our commitment to education and justice.

Jinhee Wilde Edu Fund Application Guidelines


Application process

Essay Question

Deadline & Announcement

Application Deadline

March 5, 2024

Award Announcement

March 25, 2024

Award Amount


The Application Form

**please ensure that all fields are completed in accordance with the provided form**

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Disclaimer: As we will be announcing and featuring the winner on our website, we kindly request a photograph of each applicant to accompany the announcement.
Accepted file types: pdf, Max. file size: 5 MB.
PDF File Name Must Be Your Full Name.

Jinhee Wilde

Jinhee Wilde: Pioneering Advocate for Legal Excellence and Education

Jinhee Wilde, the principal attorney at WA Law Group, stands at the forefront of legal innovation and educational empowerment. With a distinguished career that spans over two decades, Jinhee has cemented her reputation as a leading figure in U.S. immigration law, providing unmatched expertise and compassionate advocacy for her clients.
At the heart of Jinhee Wilde’s ethos is a deep-seated commitment to nurturing the next wave of legal talent. Her latest endeavor, the Jinhee Wilde Edu Fund, encapsulates this commitment, offering financial support to U.S.-based graduate and undergraduate students aspiring to make their mark in the legal landscape.
A graduate of the esteemed University of Maryland and the Villanova University School of Law, Jinhee Wilde’s academic and professional journey is a testament to the power of dedication and the pursuit of knowledge. Her career trajectory, marked by significant legal victories and contributions to immigration policy, reflects her unwavering dedication to justice and her passion for the law.


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