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The Edu Fund Scholarship

Our Mission

The Jinhee Wilde Edu Fund is a beacon of hope and support for the aspiring legal minds of the United States. Founded on the principles that have guided Jinhee Wilde’s illustrious career, this scholarship fund is dedicated to breaking down the financial barriers that impede academic and professional legal studies for graduate and undergraduate students

Inspiration Behind the Fund

Jinhee Wilde’s journey in the realm of law is one marked by perseverance, excellence, and a deep-rooted desire to make a tangible difference. From her early days as a federal prosecutor to her current status as a leading immigration attorney and the managing principal of WA Law Group, Jinhee has consistently demonstrated a commitment to justice, equity, and the nurturing of intellectual talent.
Her career is a testament to the power of education as a transformative tool. Recognizing the challenges faced by many students in securing the resources needed to advance their legal education, Jinhee established the Jinhee Wilde Edu Fund. It is her way of giving back, fostering the next generation of legal professionals, and ensuring that the field continues to benefit from diverse and well-equipped voices.

What We Offer

The Jinhee Wilde Edu Fund provides financial assistance to students who exhibit a passion for law and a dedication to their educational pursuits. The scholarship is designed to support those who, like Jinhee, are not afraid to challenge the status quo and strive for excellence in their legal careers.

Eligibility and Application

True to Jinhee Wilde’s inclusive ethos, the scholarship is open to a broad range of applicants. We welcome U.S.-based graduate and undergraduate students from accredited institutions who demonstrate academic merit, a commitment to community service, and a clear vision for their future in the legal profession.

Our Vision for the Future

In line with Jinhee Wilde’s professional journey and achievements, the Jinhee Wilde Edu Fund aims to be more than just a financial resource. It is a symbol of the enduring impact that one individual’s support and mentorship can have on the lives of many. Our vision is to create a ripple effect, where today’s scholarship recipients become tomorrow’s legal pioneers, continuing the cycle of giving and growth.

Join Us

We invite you to learn more about the Jinhee Wilde Edu Fund, apply for assistance, or contribute to the growth of this vital resource. Together, we can ensure that the field of law is enriched by talented, dedicated professionals who have the support they need to achieve their dreams.